rural presents 'Amber' - milestone for the next decade -

[[ Venue ]]
UNIT Tokyo

[[ Date ]]
Door opens at 23:00

[[ LINEUP ]]
- Phantom Kino Ballett - Live visual performance by Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny
- Lena Willikens (Còmeme | DE)
- Mozhgan (We Are Monsters | US)
- Sapphire Slows (Nous Disques, Not Not Fun)

- Lights Down Low (Richie Panic & Corey Sizemore | US)
- dit sese - Live
- O-Ma - Live
- Bob Rogue (Rogue HQ, Wiggle Room)
- Nao (addictedloop)
- Takahashi (Veta)

[[ PRICE ]]
- ¥4,000 Admission
- ¥3,500 w/Flyer
- ¥3,000 ADV
- ¥2,500 Early Bird

[[ TICKET ]]
Resident Advisor

今夏、雲の上のダンスフロアに鮮烈なドラマを生み出し、人々の記憶に足跡を残した”rural 2017”。

その幕開けは、Unitフロアをライヴ・インスタレーションの場に仕立て上げるという、斬新な試行によって飾られる。仕掛け人となるのは、rural 2017にて霧立つ山の朝をスロウなビートと色彩で染め上げたLena Willikensと、その盟友である映像作家Sarah Szczesny。2人はアートプロジェクト”Phantom Kino Ballett"として、電子音楽とプロジェクション(投影技術)、スカルプチュア(立体作品)を融合させた新感覚の前衛パフォーマンスを披露する。 ボディミュージックとダンスの接点を追究し続けてきたLenaにとって、聴覚・視覚・物質・肉体の結びつきを主題とするこの取り組みは、これまでのキャリアの集大成と言えるものだ。

Unitフロアでは、LenaのソロでのDJセットに加え、サンフランシスコ屈指の女性DJ Mozhganを招聘。初来日となる彼女は、rural 2017のサンセットタイムを演出したSolarとともに、同地の人気パーティ"We Are Monsters"のレジデントとして長らくフロアを沸かせてきた確かな腕の持ち主だ。
国内からは、近年の活躍も目覚ましい歌姫 Sapphire Slowsが登場する。

Saloonフロアでは、Mozhganとも親交が深いサンフランシスコのローカルヒーローRichie Panic & Corey Sizemoreのデュオ"Lights Down Low”が、同じく本邦で初めてブースに立つ。上下階どちらのフロアでも、西海岸シーンの熱気を感じることができそうだ。

彼らを迎え撃つのは、アブストラクトかつ頭蓋に響くようなサウンドで聴衆をハメ倒すDJ YAZI。加えて、これまでruralで活躍してきた面々はもちろん、新たな顔ぶれの参加も決定している。多様な個性が交錯することで、面白い化学反応が見られることだろう。


On the dance floor up above clouds, "rural 2017" left a striking and dramatic impact on the people this summer.
It all started back to 2009, an open-air party the size less than 100 people, with the passion to push new boundaries of electronic music. The small seed that's been planted has gradually bloomed into a gathering of electronic dance music freaks from across the globe.

With the end of the year just around the corner, rural will be hosting a party to embark on another decade of its musical journey.
The team will be kicking things off fresh, using the Unit floor as a live installation space by Lena Willikens, who slowly built up the misty morning dance floor into a full spectrum of musical colours in the mountains of rural 2017, along with her trusted friend and filmmaker Sarah Szczesny. Their art project, "Phantom Kino Ballett", fuses electronic music with visual projections incorporating sculptures and various art to create a new sense of live performance.

Following up the unique spatial art performance, Unit floor will turn into a danceable evening with a DJ set by Lena and San Fransisco's best female DJ Mozhgan. The resident of "We Are Monsters" party in San Fransisco with Solar, who set the mood for the sunset hours of "rural 2017", she will be making her Japan debut. Supporting the headliners, is none other than the praised local talent Sapphire Slows.

A duo comprised of Richie Panic & Corey Sizemore, a close friend and San Fransisco's local hero, "Lights Down Low" who will be making their Japan debut in the Saloon floor. The west coast vibe will be taking over both rooms to bring you something special. Alongside the west coast duo, DJ Yazi will be on the deck with his abstract yet powerful sounds.

The party marks the new stage with a lineup well suited for the occasion.
Since the beginning, the never ending challenge to push the limits continue. Let us dance until the sun comes up.


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Takahashi at SODOM

image image

Okuda at Zone Night feat The Hacker

image image

Takahashi at rural 2018

image image

Okuda at SODOM ‡ special guest : Youth Code(L.A.)

image image

Ginga at Factory Osaka with Tolouse Low Trax

image image

Bruna & Takahashi at !ARMOREW, Bulltet's

image image

Takahashi at N/A and Berlin Atonal present “New Codes”

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Ginga at TRIBE -The First Contact- [Apparat]

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Ginga at Stockholm Syndrome: Lena Willikens [Cómeme]

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Ginga @ COSIGN

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